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Restore and Reinvigorate with Susan and Judy in Sardinia, Italy

September 3-10, 2022

Join us in the truly magical and healing place that is Sardinia. We will bring yoga to you in the beautiful Soul Valley Retreat center, which is located in Southern Sardinia near the village of Torre delle Stelle for 8 days and 7 nights of rejuvenation. Come and receive the benefits of a yoga practice free from distractions, stressors, or obligations. This is time to see where the practice can take you, to breathe in some of the purest air in the world, to become clear and focused, and tap into your true potential. 


Your days will begin with meditation/intention setting, then a warming, Yang practice. You will enjoy brunch, then the freedom to explore further afield, lounge by the pool, explore the beaches, mountains, villages and vineyards of Sardinia, one of only five blue zones in the world. We will meet for Yin practice in the evening to round out the day and hearken back to the first thoughts of the morning, then gather together for dinner. *On Wednesday, there will only be a morning practice and breakfast to allow participants the opportunity to travel for a bit longer. No evening practice will be given and dinner will not be served on this evening


Yang classes :

Morning yoga will be a Vinyasa Flow class led by Susan.This creative breath-based flow is designed to stoke the fire of the practitioner (Tapas) and create the warmth to clarify, refine and strengthen. Susan will include modifications and challenges throughout to give everyone the opportunity to participate and find their path.This will set you up for the day's activities, whichever way you choose to go!

Yin classes :

Evening classes will be led by Judy Smith and will give you the crucial space to slow down and savor your experience, and to truly let go, as you deepen into a state of silence and stillness. Judy will bring a mindfulness and sweetness to the practice that will float you right into your evening.


We hope to create the ideal space and complete peace for you to choose how you want to design this time for yourself.

We hope to enjoy your presence on this incredible adventure!


Judy and Susan



$500USD to reserve your spot

8 days / 7 nights

Double room single occupancy – $1650 USD (limited number)

Double room double occupancy - $1350 USD

Included in above price is the following :

-7 nights accommodation -tuition for all yoga courses

-2 vegetarian meals per day (breakfast or brunch and dinner) (on Wednesday the excursion day , the center does not serve dinner) (on Wednesday and Saturday of departure the center serves breakfast instead of brunch)

-coffee, tea and water with the morning breakfast / brunch

-water and tea

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