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Types of Yoga offered by Susan

Vinyasa Flow

Postures are connected together through transitions that work in tandem with breath. Heat is built in the body through a continual flow and deep ujjayi breath to make the muscles more supple. This type of yoga leaves the practitioner feeling cleansed and revived.  


Restorative Yoga

A healing form a yoga that encourages the body and mind to let go and give way. This is very conducive for people who have difficulty focusing or want a more restful practice. The use of props such as blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps is common. 


Ashtanga Yoga

The oldest known form of yoga, Ashtanga is a disciplined system of asanas designed for the practitioner to gain complete openness in the body, therefore giving further access to the spirit. 


Power Yoga

A vigorous practice the flows from one posture to the next, often involving more advanced options throughout. 


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