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Bhanu Bhatnagar

The way Susan makes me feel on the mat: light yet grounded, joyful yet contemplative, graceful yet strong. In all the years I have practiced yoga I have yet to meet a teacher that can match Susan’s zeal for life and love. It’s truly infectious. She is unique in her ability to read the student’s body language and limitations and then carefully guides you through a practice that works for you. She’s not a “one-glove-fits-all” kind of instructor and pays close attention to the energy levels and individuals in her classes. Susan started out as my yoga teacher and quickly became a dear friend. She’ll most likely have that effect on you too.




Sama Davidson

Susan is one of those rare teachers that keeps the energy high, the flow enjoyable and the challenge consistent throughout her entire class. She always planned thoughtful and creative classes to keep things fresh and fun so that I never felt the passage of time in practice sessions with her. She helped me gain confidence in my practice and overcome fear in many postures including inversions and backbends. Learning from her inspired me in how I structure my own classes. Thank you, Susan and best wishes wherever your yoga takes you!


Aselka Sh

My dear yoga teacher! I remember the first class of yours I have attended: challenging and sweating fun! I was still smiling, when I got home that day and it hooked me up. Since then, I felt like something was missing, when I was not able to come to your class. You have brought the lightness and sense of humor to each class. Having such amazing personalities, you created a balance between "how to get into the pose" and " how to laugh at yourself in this "ridiculousness". Till now, I cannot imagine myself doing yoga nidrasana and not to smile at myself. I have read the article, where the author said that to be able to fulfill your dreams; first of all, you have to be grounded. I found this solid ground at your classes: real, “back to earth”work on yourself. Breathing and sweating at your classes, talking to you outside of the classes, I have come to understanding that to "fly highly, I have to be "firmly grounded":). Thanks for bringing me back to reality.


Alissia Stott

Susan's classes transformed my yoga practice and my teaching for the better. Her warm personality and passion for yoga is impossible to miss and this really comes through in her Vinyasa classes. Susan makes yoga accessible to all but is always ready to challenge you, yet make you smile. A gifted and inspiring teacher, Susan’s workshops and classes make the intimidating asanas achievable with her sense of playfulness, insight and gentle coaxing, as well as focusing on other areas of yoga such as pranayama. She is always able to achieve the delicate balance between the physical and the mental which allowed me to renew my yoga practice. To put it simply, 90 minutes with Susan was the highlight of my week!

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